ARTICLE: Renewable Energy Exec Renus Kelfkens Will Lead Engineering at Aries Clean Energy


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February 12, 2018

Renus Kelfkens brings a wealth of experience in the natural gas, gasification, and renewables conversion to liquids industry to Aries.

Aries Clean Energy is pleased to announce the addition of Renus Kelfkens as Senior Vice President of Engineering where he will direct all efforts in design, construction, and operations. Aries is a privately held company focusing on renewable, distributed waste disposal and energy generation through its patented gasification systems. Kelfkens, most recently the head of engineering for Sundrop Fuels, brings a wealth of experience in the natural gas, gasification and renewables conversion to liquids industry to Aries. “Renus’ extensive career experience in the fields of process technology scale-up and commercialization, with a core focus on gasification, is a perfect fit for Aries going forward. And as we grow to include global markets, his multi-national energy experience will be a key asset for us,” says Gregory L. Bafalis, CEO of Aries.

Kelfkens served as an executive member and SVP, Engineering at Sundrop Fuels, a renewable energy company established through private investment, to develop the company’s gasification technology using cellulosic biomass and organic waste feedstocks for the production of biofuels. He led the front-end engineering design and project execution planning efforts for the demonstration plant project and Sundrop Fuels’ planned first commercial bio-gasoline facility.

Before joining Sundrop Fuels, he served as SVP, Engineering at Greatpoint Energy, a leading clean-coal company, where he spearheaded the development and commercialization of its innovative catalytic hydromethananation technology through pilot plant development program and demonstration scale-up design. He lead the design development efforts for Greatpoint Energy’s first US based Bluegas™ plant and support for Greatpoints’ project development initiatives in China.

During his career, Kelfkens held a number of positions within the Sasol Group of Companies in South Africa and the US. He directed licensing operations for Sasol Technology’s new coal-to-liquids organization in Houston until 2007, and previously was Engineering Manager at Sasol Chemical North America’s seven-unit chemical complex at Lake Charles, Louisiana. Before that he served as Manager of Operations Profitability Improvement for Sasol’s operations in Secunda, South Africa.

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