Green Power: Reduce Fossil Fuels & Greenhouse Gases


Aries-Holloway Bioenergy Facility

Lost Hills, California

A sustainable solution for Central Valley agricultural waste


Project Snapshot

  • Aries patented downdraft gasifiers
  • Process 165 tons of agricultural biomass Generates 86 MW of electricity daily; 72 MW to the grid
  • Produces 5000 TPY of biochar that will be used as a soil amendment
  • Five-acre site to house gasifiers, feedstock prep, biochar collection
  • Project qualifies under SB 1122 CAT 2 BioMAT program
  • Gasification is an approved method of using agricultural waste to generate electricity. This project will help meet California’s Renewable Energy goals.

Local Kern Area Benefits

  • Reduction of fossil fuels & greenhouse gas emissions associated with current disposal methods
  • Reduces or eliminates open burning

  • Effective conversion of biomass waste to renewable energy
  • Biochar will improve soil quality