PRESS RELEASE: PHG Energy Named a Nashville “Green Hero”


PHG Energy Press Release

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September 24, 2012

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 24, 2012) – PHG Energy, a Tennessee-based alternative energy company, is pleased to announce that it has been named a 2012 “Green Hero” by the Nashville Post. The annual list is a compilation of companies and individuals that provide goods or services intended to improve the sustainability of others and/or that employ sustainable principles in their facilities and practices.

While this was the publication’s third annual list, 2012 marked the first time the Heroes were divided into four categories: Adopters, Evangelists, Intermediaries and Makers. PHG Energy was included in the “Makers” group, which recognized manufacturers of the products that get used in sustainability efforts or companies that are emphasizing more sustainable production methods.

In identifying PHG Energy’s achievements, the Nashville Post cited the company’s ability to transfer waste into energy, as well as its recent contract with the West Tennessee town of Covington where it will construct a downdraft biomass gasification unit that will use the town’s woody waste to power its wastewater treatment plant. The conversion will prevent the release of 425 tons of carbon into the atmosphere, the equivalent of the greenhouse gas emissions expected annually from 75 automobiles.

“As such a young company, we are honored to be included on this prestigious list of industry veterans who are committed to sustainability,” said PHG Energy President Tom Stanzione. “Our downdraft gasification technology provides customers with an economically sound and environmentally sensible source of energy, and we are thrilled that our work allows us to be recognized as one of the Green Heroes of our community.”

PHG Energy was one of five companies included in the “Makers” group, which also featured Bridgestone Americas for its tire recycling initiative and its development of renewable rubber. Previous Green Heroes include Nissan Americas, Louisiana-Pacific Corp. and Mars Petcare U.S. The 2012 list featured 28 Green Heroes, all of which were honored at a reception on Sept. 13 in Nashville.

Mike Webb
VP Marketing, PHG Energy

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