Mark G. Bauer

Mark G. Bauer

Principal Development Engineer

Mark Bauer brings more than 30 years’ experience as a professional in renewable energy, oil and gas, unconventional oil recovery, mining and power industries to his role as Principal Development Engineer at Aries Clean Technologies.

Mr. Bauer is experienced in assembling, motivating and leading multicultural teams for Technical Project Development, “Fast Track” construction, and operations. His experience includes site evaluation, project development, engineering management, contract negotiations, support for Project Finance, IFC, US EXIM and Private Equity as well as management of reliable, efficient, safe and cost-effective operations and maintenance of revenue producing assets. He was a founding partner in obtaining $168 million in private equity funding for the startup of Green Earth Fuels.

Mr. Bauer has direct experience implementing over $2.5 billion in new projects in international and domestic locations and clearly understands and knows how to apply the lessons learned working in culturally diverse and environmentally extreme locations.  As Director of International Engineering and Operations for the El Paso Corporation’s Global Power group, Mr. Bauer was responsible for the operation of over 3,500 MW of power generation in seven different countries.

His specialties include project development and construction on international and domestic projects. In addition to Green Earth Fuels and El Paso Energy, he has been on the team with Nations Energy, Southern Peru Copper Corporation, Red Leaf Resources and Chugach Electric.

Mr. Bauer holds bachelor’s degrees from the University of Alaska in Mechanical Engineering, and from Oregon State University in Biology.