We have a problem with biosolids:

We produce too much of it and have no place to put it.

This is the human waste dilemma. Every year, the U.S. alone produces seven million dry tons of biosolids (treated sludge) – with limited options for safe, sustainable disposal.

Current methods of disposal can be environmentally harmful and are increasingly regulated and restricted. This applies to landfills, land applications, incineration, and even composting.

Unsafe disposal of biosolids can contaminate our clean water supply.

This is a problem for municipalities, businesses, people, and the planet.

The Aries Solution:

‘Disrupt the Flush’

(clean conversion of human waste)

Or more accurately, we are disrupting the process that occurs after you flush, when wastewater is converted into biosolids at wastewater treatment plants, with limited options for disposal.

10 years of product development
& operational experience

Two full-scale
operational facilities

Environmentally friendly,
sustainable biosolids conversion

Reduce biosolid volume by up to 95%

Destroy harmful chemicals, including PFAS

Are carbon neutral to negative

Create clean energy from biosolids

Produce beneficial Bio-Fly-Ash™ as a byproduct

Significantly reduce trucking (emissions and cost)

Are cost-competitive with stable, predictable pricing