The Benefits of Bio-Fly-Ash™

Not all biochars are created equally but all are a positive byproduct of the gasification process. Bio-Fly-Ash diverts waste streams from local landfills and farmers’ fields, reduces greenhouse gases due to the reduction in trucking miles associated with conventional disposal methods, and eliminates methane generated from land application of biosolids and biomass.

Fluidized Bed Gasification – Bio-Fly-Ash

Aries patented fluidized bed gasification system is designed specifically for processing biosolids. Our Fluidized Bed Gasifier reduces biosolid volume by 95% while producing syngas, a synthetic fuel gas for industrial use, and Bio-Fly-Ash™ – a beneficial byproduct with various applications in industrial and manufactured products.

Bio-Fly-Ash™ Fine Powder (Ranging between 2 – 300 microns)