Two Technologies with Positive Outcomes Bio-Fly-Ash™and Aries GREEN®

Not all biochars are created equally but all are a positive byproduct of the gasification process. Both divert waste streams from local landfills and farmers’ fields. Both reduce greenhouse gases due to the reduction in trucking miles associated with conventional disposal methods. Both eliminate methane generated from land application of biosolids and biomass. Here at Aries, we focus on two types.

Fluidized Bed Gasification – Bio-Fly-Ash

Aries patented fluidized bed gasification system is designed specifically for processing biosolids. Our Fluidized Bed Gasifier reduces biosolid volume by 95% while producing syngas, a synthetic fuel gas for industrial use, and Bio-Fly-Ash™ – a beneficial byproduct with various applications in industrial and manufactured products.

Downdraft Gasification – Aries GREEN®

Aries downdraft gasification system is designed for processing wood and other dense biomass residues. Our Downdraft Gasifier, designed for wood waste and alternative feedstock, reduces biomass volume by up to 85% while producing syngas and high-value biochar – Aries GREEN® biochar is currently sold as a soil conditioner through Amazon and The Home Depot, and as a high-value bioproduct material input.

Bio-Fly-Ash™ Fine Powder (Ranging between 2 – 300 microns)

Welcome to Aries GREEN® Biochar, an All-Natural Soil Conditioner

Aries GREEN® Biochar is a certified biobased product made in the USA. It is certified by both the USDA and the International Biochar Institute after testing conducted by independent labs.

Aries GREEN® is responsibly made from recycled wood in an Aries Clean Technologies’ patented Downdraft Gasification system in Lebanon, TN. When mixed with soil and used with plants, gardens, and lawns, plant life is improved. Biochar returns carbon to the soil and helps retain moisture near the roots.

In addition to its application as an all-natural soil conditioner and agricultural soil amendment, this high carbon content biochar can be used as a, fuel, a filtering agent, rubber, plastic and other materials -. A Safety Data Sheet is available for a download here.

Aries GREEN® is available in two sizes of recyclable plastic containers. Credit cards accepted for bulk purchases only. For bulk purchases, email

4 quarts – 3.78 liters
with shaker lid – $29.95

5 gallons – $59.95
+ taxes – now with easy GAMMA screw lid – FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ONLY