The Clean Alternative to Traditional Waste Disposal

Aries designs, develops, builds and operates proprietary gasification systems that provide environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions for biosolids conversion, biomass residue disposal, carbon emission reduction, and production of clean thermal/electrical energy and beneficial Bio-Fly-Ash or biochar. 

Our facilities are industrial-grade and have been proven through thousands of hours of commercial use. 

Our scalable systems are custom-designed and built to accommodate each customer’s specific needs. And we offer full management services, enabling continuous operation and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

Clean Conversion of Biosolids and Biomass

Older renewable energy systems, such as mass burning incineration, produce high levels of emissions that must be constantly monitored and expensively cleaned, along with waste ash that is generally landfilled as useless material.

There is no burning or incineration involved in our gasification systems. The high-temperature process is thermo-chemical in nature, with a consistent output of two compounds – synthetic fuel gas, or producer gas, that can be utilized for clean combustion in downstream operations, and high-carbon biochar or beneficial Bio-Fly-Ash™.

We leverage two central patented technologies, with eight U.S. patents issued to date:

  • Our Fluidized Bed Gasifier reduces biosolid volume by 95% while producing syngas, a synthetic fuel gas for industrial use, and Bio-Fly-Ash™ – a beneficial byproduct with various applications in industrial and manufactured products.
  • Our Downdraft Gasifier, designed for wood waste and alternative feedstock, reduces biomass volume by up to 85% while producing syngas and high-value biochar – Aries GREEN® biochar is currently sold as a soil conditioner through Amazon and The Home Depot.