Humanity has a waste disposal problem.

Every year, the U.S. produces seven million dry tons of biosolids (treated sludge) – with limited options for safe, sustainable disposal.

Current methods of disposal – including landfills, land application, incineration, and even composting – can harm the environment and contaminate our clean water supply.

This is a problem for municipalities, businesses, people, and the planet.

Diminishing Options

The environmental danger posed by traditional methods of biosolids disposal is well understood.

Biosolid dumping in landfills and land application of biosolids result in the release of harmful greenhouse gasses and chemicals, active pathogens,  environmental toxins, risking contamination of soil and water.

In an effort to mitigate these contamination risks, tightening regulations are reducing the volume of organic materials accepted by landfills, farmers, foresters and ranchers, with many no longer accepting biosolids at all.

A Better Alternative is Now Available

Aries gasification systems provide clean alternatives to traditional biomass disposal, with the additional benefits of carbon emission reduction and production of clean thermal/electrical energy and beneficial Bio-Fly-Ash™ or biochar.

  • Reduces biosolids volume by up to 95%
  • Destroys harmful chemicals, including PFAS
  • Significantly reduces trucking (emissions and cost)
  • Carbon neutral to negative
  • Creates clean energy from biosolids

Our gasification systems can help both industries and municipalities achieve zero landfill or land-application goals, while significantly reducing carbon footprints. The clean energy produced by our systems measurably offsets former use of fossil fuels, and a considerable reduction in trucking operations contributes to reducing CO2 by thousands of tons per year.

If you are looking to take a giant leap forward in your sustainability program, Aries Clean Technologies is here to help.

Our team works with individuals, businesses, and municipalities to implement sustainable solutions that fit each customer’s need and budget.

From design and development to construction, and from installation to ongoing monitoring, we work closely with each customer to provide a turn-key service.

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