Aries Taunton Biosolids Gasification Facility Taunton, Massachusetts

Aries Taunton Biosolids
Gasification Facility

Bringing Safe and Sustainable Biosolids Disposal to New England

Project Snapshot

  • State of the art, patented fluidized bed facility located at the City of Taunton, Massachusetts Sanitary Landfill
  • Processing 470 tons per day of biosolids
  • Producing 25 tons of beneficial biochar daily
  • Closed-loop system requires no fossil fuels during routine operations
  • Permitting underway

Local Benefits

  • Diverts 160,000 tons of biosolids from landfills and incinerators annually
  • Cost competitive option for biosolids disposal in southern New England area
  • System is carbon negative and captures methane (with a global warming impact 23 times greater than CO2) that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gases due to reduction in biosolids trucking to distant disposal sites
  • Aries’ Build-Own-Operate model provides no financial risk to City of Taunton
  • Host Community Benefits to City of Taunton including low cost biosolids disposal